Voici les interfaces OPTOCORE que vous trouvez dans notre parc de location :

X6R-FX – NETWORK CONVERTER UNIT with Ethernet – AD/DA Converter for Optocore and SANE
DD32R-FX – Network AES3 I/O Device – 32 AES Ports with SANE and Ethernet
DD2FR-FX – Network MADI I/O Device – 128 fiber MADI I/O channels with SANE and Ethernet
YG2/YS2 – Yamaha General Digital Audio Interface I/O Card 16in/16out

Y3R-TP – Yamaha General Digital Audio Interface I/O Card for SANE
X6R-TP – CONVERTER UNIT with SANE and Ethernet

X6R-FX-INTERCOM – 8 I/O Channel Clear-Com / RTS Interface for OPTOCORE and SANE
16 channels of Intercom and data, which can be routed through OPTOCORE and SANE network.

X6P-8IN/8out – A/D – D/A Converter – 8-mic/line input 8-line output
DD6NE – Fast Ethernet Network Device – 6 Ethernet Network Ports and External Word Clock